How to Connect to SqlServer RDS with a AWS AMI HVR hub image

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    Donna Zehl

    How to Connect to SqlServer RDS with a AWS AMI HVR hub image




    The problem is that the HVR AMI doesn’t work out of the box because the SQL Server ODBC driver is not bundled with this package due to licensing restrictions. The Unix ODBC 2.3.1 drive is required to communicate with the SqlServer database unfortunately the installation cannot be found in the Amazon Linux package repository and therefore it cannot be installed with a simple “sudo yum install”. Instead it has to be downloaded and installed by you.


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    Here are the steps to download and install on your AWS HVR hub.


    1. Create a temporary folder on your hub machine for example in the /tmp folder


    $ mkdir /tmp/odbc

    $ cd /tmp/odbc


    1. Download the Unix ODBC and SQL Server ODBC packages:

    $ wget

    $ wget


    1. Install both packages:


    $ sudo yum install unixODBC-2.3.1-11.el7.x86_64.rpm

    $ sudo yum install msodbcsql17-


    1. Create a symbolic link from library to


    $ cd /usr/lib64

    $ sudo ln -s


    1. and make sure you add your hub’s private IP address to the RDS instance’s security group then you should be all set.



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