How To create a maintenance task to remove HVR journal files from directory $HVR_CONFIG/jnl?

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    Donna Zehl

    How To create a maintenance task to remove HVR journal files from directory $HVR_CONFIG/jnl?


    During data replication by default HVR deletes the transaction files after they have been applied to the target(s). For debugging purposes, or generally just to have the ability to look back in the sequence of transactions, HVR provides the ability to store a copy of the transaction files in a separate directory after they have been applied. This article discusses the management of this history – journal – of the transaction files to prevent the file system from filling up.


    A maintenance task can be created when you want HVR to remove the router files which were stored in the directory $HVR_CONFIG/jnl by adding action Integrate/JournalRouterFiles to the channel. (Please refer to link for more information).


    This article describes how to create the maintenance task.


    1. Router files are already present in the directory $HVR_CONFIG/jnl/<hubname>/<channelname>/<yyyymmdd>/integ_<tgt_location>_loc_<src_location>/loc_ <tgt_location>

    Step 1] Create a maintenance task

    1.  Right click on Scheduler for the hub and select Maintenance Tasks.


    2. On the next pop up select ‘Add’ to add a new task


    3.  On the next pop up give the task a name of your choice. In this case we name it ‘removejournalfiles’. Click on ok to confirm.


    4.  After this task is added to the list, high-light this task and add journal_keep_days to it. By default it is 7, which means 7 days old journal files will be removed. This value can be only number of days.

    5. This task can be scheduled to run at certain intervals. We will run this weekly.



    6.   Next step would be to save the task and then run it.

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