How To Exclude a column from being replicated to the target table

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    Donna Zehl


    A source DB has several columns but one of the columns has sensitive data (NPI, Non-Public Information) that you don’t wish to replicate to the target DB.  Or you may have determined a new requirement to be removing a column that has sensitive (NPI) data.

    What is the correct procedure to exclude such columns from being replicated to the target side?



    1. Open Select Table Explorer, selecting the Source to connect. Select all tables you want replicated to the target including the tables that have sensitive (NPI) data.
    2. Add Action Capture on the source location group
    3. Add Action Integrate on the target location group
    4. Add the Action Column Properties, selecting the table & the target location group. Enter the column in the /Names and click /Absent



    5. Run HVR Initialize for the Capture and Integrate location with “Scripts and Jobs” checked as well as “Table Enrollment”

    6. If this table had previously existed in replication but this is a new requirement to exclude the column from the target, then you create the new action in Step 4 then perform an Online Refresh with Recreate table(s) option for the affected table(s). This will be necessary to get the data and layout back in sync with the column and data removed from the target.

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