How To: Purge the HVR TX journal files

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    Journal files are the transaction files (TX) which are moved from the $HVR_CONFIG/router/<hubname>/<channelname>/loc_<srcname>/loc_<tgtname> directory to $HVR_CONFIG/jnl/<hubname>/<channelname>/<yyyymmdd>/integ_<tgt_location>_loc_<src_location>/loc_ <tgt_location>

    Note: This article is relevant only if you have transaction files under jnl folder. More information on this will be found at


    HVR TX Journal files are transaction files that HVR Integrate has already processed and moved to the /jnl directory. These files are moved for troubleshooting purposes. However these files can be very space consuming and you might want to remove them periodically to free up the disk space. HVR provides a feature to do this automatically which will be described in this article.


    1. Files are present in $HVR_CONFIG/jnl/<hubname>/<channelname>/<yyyymmdd>/integ_<tgt_location>_loc_<src_location>/loc_ <tgt_location>


    Step 1] Create a hvrmaint task ‘purgejournalfiles’

    1. Right click on the Scheduler for hub hvrhub4 and select Maintenance Task

    1. Click on Add button to add a new hvrmaint task

    1. On the next prompt enter the name for the task. In our case we name it as purgejournalfiles.

    1. Click on Ok to confirm
    2. Now we see this task added in Maintenance Tasks.

    Step 2] Set up actions that you would like task purgejournalfiles to perform

    1. Check box for journal_keep_days under Journal purging section.
    2. Enter the number of days after which you want to purge these files. By default it is 7.

    Step 3] Set up the time interval under Time options you want purgejournalfiles task to run

    Step 4] Click on Save to save the task

    Step 5] Click on Run to execute the task. This will run the task once immediately and then at the interval that is specified by user.

    When this task is run all the transaction files under the directory structure $HVR_CONFIG/jnl/<hub_name>/<channel_name>/<yyyymmdd>/ integ_<tgt_location>_loc_<src_location>/loc_ <tgt_location> will be deleted

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