How To: replicate ORACLE SDO_GEOMETRY datatype with HVR

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    How To: replicate ORACLE SDO_GEOMETRY datatype with HVR


    For certain datatypes like Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY HVR uses “extended datatype support” instead of native datatype support. Extended datatype support requires a bit of extra configuration in the channel

    Here is how to setup replication (including capture and refresh) for SDO_GEOMETRY

    Note that extra configuration is needed to replicate these columns.

    In this example have a table PRODUCT with a SDO_GEOMETRY column

    SQL> describe product;

    Name               Null?    Type
    PROD_ID            NOT NULL NUMBER(11)
    PROD_PRICE         NOT NULL NUMBER(10,2)
    GEOM               PUBLIC.SDO_GEOMETRY

    After the table is added to the channel you will see that the GEOM column is added with the channel but the datatype has special markers (<< >>) around it. This indicates that this is an extended datatype


    The following action need to be added to allow HVR to replicate the column:

    { group=* table=product ColumnProperties

    /DatatypeMatch=<<sdo_geometry >> /CaptureExpression=SDO_UTIL.TO_WKTGEOMETRY({{hvr_col_name}}) /CaptureExpressionType=SQL_WHERE_ROW /IntegrateExpression=SDO_UTIL.FROM_WKTGEOMETRY({{hvr_col_name}}}

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