How to resolve error F_JG221C when running hvrrouterview command to get the contents of transaction file that is journaled

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    This error occurs if incorrect option is passed for hvrrouterview command while reading the contents of the transaction file.

    Usually this error is seen when –F is used to read the contents of the transaction file for channel replication database tables

    For example this command will throw an error- hvrrouterview -F -j -bnow-3600 hvrhub4/hvrhub4 chn1

    hvrrouterview: F_JG221C: Pipe ‘Project’ received tag !bytes (3) which it does not support.

    Here chn1 is a table replication channel and –F (which is valid for file (blob)replication) is used in the command


    Run the hvrrouterview command as below to display the contents of all the transaction files for table replication.

    hvrrouterview -j -bnow-3600 <hub username>/<hub password>  <channel name>

    If you want to view the contents of the specific ones, use below command

    hvrrouterview hvrhub4/hvrhub4 chn1 5c33d6ab_d29bf_n1_t5c33d6bc_w5c33d6aa_zRsfn.tx_sql2


    For SQL server

    hvrrouterview -j -x\tpcc -u<username for tpcc db>/<Password for tpcc db> bidb chn1


    • tpcc is the SQL server database where you want to extract the contents
    • bidb is the hub database in SQL server
    • chn1 is the channel name

    More information on the options provided for hvrrouterview will be found at the link

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