How to resolve F_JT04A5?

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    Simon Faas

    How to resolve the following error?

    F_JT04A5: Coprocess ” has exited abruptly. This could be a network problem or a fatal error in the child coprocess.

    Simon Faas

    Error F_JT04A5 is usually a result from a network failure or instability.

    If the error occurs frequently it can help to relax HVR’s TCP keepalive settings (the default settings are rather tight)

    This can be done using environment variable HVR_TCP_KEEPALIVE to 300

    This needs to be done in 2 places:

    1. An action Environment /Name=HVR_TCP_KEEPALIVE /Value=300 needs to be added to the channel

    2. A scheduler set attribute needs to be added:

    Attribute Name: set
    Arg2: 300

    After this run HVR Initialize for Scripts and Jobs

    Waseem Saleh

    I followed the same steps, yet I still got the same error.. What do you mean by “After this run HVR Initialize for Scripts and Jobs” Thanks

    Simon Faas

    In HVRGUI; right mouse click on the channel; choose HVR Initialize; go onto the Advanced Options tab and un-check all “Object Types” except “Scripts and Jobs”

    Please note that if you are using HVR 4.7 or older (basically everything before HVR 5) the dialog is called HVR Load (not HVR Initialize)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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