How to resolve F_JT0905: Log start positioning error F_JZ1101

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    Simon Faas

    Capture job is failing with error

    F_JT0905: Log start positioning error F_JZ1101. Capture job unable to locate file sequence for thread 1 which corresponds to hvrload time 2016-02-04 16:24:01.
    It first resolved time 2016-02-04 16:24:01 to sequence 2945. It then queried {select * from v$log where thread#=1 and sequence#=2945 and status<>’UNUSED’} but no rows were returned.
    It finally queried {select … from v$archived_log where standby_dest=’NO’ and and name IS NOT NULL} (possibly from cache) for {thread#=1 and sequence#=2845} but no rows were returned.
    Perhaps these archive log files have been purged by RMAN. The capture job requires that these files are restored (e.g. from tape);
    otherwise a new hvrload is required (use option -i to rewind to specific capture time).
    In future this problem can be avoided either by configuring hvrlogrelease to keep copies of these archive files before RMAN deletes them,
    or by reconfiguring RMAN to keep these files for longer.

    What can be the cause?

    Simon Faas

    In general this error is caused by the fact that the HVR capture still needs a old archived REDO file, but that file is already removed by e.g. RMAN.
    This can happen when the capture job is suspended for some time or is failing for some reason.
    The options to resolve are:

    – restore the old archived REDO file from backup

    – reinitialize the HVR capture job to a more recent time for which the archived REDO’s are still available (using HVR Initialize “Capture Rewind” option). The missed changes can be recovered using an HVR Refresh in Online Mode

    Surya Mondal

    I am very new to HVR and I am getting the same error. Would you be able to tell me how to restore the archived REDO file?

    Simon Faas

    Hi Surya,

    This is usually a task that your Oracle DBA can perform for you.
    So I suggest to discuss this with the source database DBA team

    Hope this helps

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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