How To:  start hvr as service using xinetd in linux?

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    This article explains how to run hvr as a service rather than starting the hvrremotelistener on remote machine. For the purpose of this article we will see how the service can be started on tcp port 4343


    Step 1] Add hvr service in xinetd.d directory on the remote unix machine

    1. Become root on your server

    # su root

    1. Navigate to folder /etc/xinetd.d

    # cd /etc/xinetd.d

    1. Create new service called hvr as a root user



    1. Edit (# vi hvr) and insert the below contents in hvr file
    service hvr
      socket_type               = stream
      wait                      = no
      user                      = root
      server                    = /u01/app/hvr/hvr_home/bin/hvr
      server_args               = -r -plogin
      env                       += HVR_HOME=/u01/app/hvr/hvr_home
      env                       += HVR_CONFIG=/u01/app/hvr/hvr_config
      env                       += HVR_TMP=/tmp
      disable                   = no
      cps                       = 10000 30
      per_source                = 100
      instances                 = 500
    • If it is a root user leave server_args as ‘–r’ and use -plogin for PAM authentication
    • Server should point to the hvr in $HVR_HOME directory
    • Environment variable for $HVR_HOME should be path of hvr_home
    • Environment variable for $HVR_CONFIG should be path of hvr_config
    • Environment variable for $HVR_TMP can be any tmp location


    1. You should see ‘hvr’ under xinetd.d directory


    Step 2] Edit services in text format on unix

    1. Usually this is found under /etc

    # vi /etc/services

    1. Add a line to reflect hvr service as shown below


    1. Save the file
    2. As root, restart the xinetd service as a root

    # service xinetd restart


    Step 3] Check the status of xinetd.d service to check if it is running.

    # service xinetd status


    The above setup allows you to start hvr as a service and there is no need to start hvrremotelistener every time. While connecting to this remote location the location configuration will look like below.



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