HVR different behavior when using (Db)Integrate /Dbproc and refresh

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    Simon Faas

    In HVR V4.

    When having DbIntegrate /DbProc action without /DbProcDuringRefresh, when running a refresh , the refresh will not use the database Procedures.

    In HVR V5.

    When having Integrate /DbProc, when running a refresh, the refresh uses by default the database procedures. This might result in unwanted integration problems if the database procedures have additional logic not meant for the refresh.

    To have the same V4 behavior in V5 for /DbProc in combination with refresh, the following needs to be configured;

    After /DbProc add /Context=!refr. This context will be automatically added when upgrading from HVR V4 to HVR V5.

    This add a context which now can be used when running a refresh. The context during refresh makes sure database procedures will not be used during the refresh.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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