How to initialize on channel with SAP HANA capture configured – getting error F_JR0549

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    Donna Zehl

    Problem Summary:  Trying to run Initialize on channel with SAP HANA  capture configured – getting error F_JR0549: Unable to find ColumnProperties /SurrogateKey column ‘hvr_rowid’ of table ‘customer’ in channel ‘HANA 2sql’, location ‘HANA ‘.

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    Description / Details:

    It is not possible to enable ‘supplemental logging’ on HANA. This means that the real key values are not generally available to HVR during capture. What triggers the message being seen was that HVR was expecting more details in the channel for it to know how to map the source row id into what will be used as the surrogate key to identify the row on the target.

    HVR Initialize expects hvr_rowid to be a real column on target location. On source HVR will capture values for this extra column from a “hidden” row id column and replicate them to the target.



    The following two additional actions should be defined to the channel, prior to using Table Explore (to add tables to the channel), to instruct HVR to capture Row ID values and to use them as surrogate replication keys.

    • The ColumnProperties /Name=hvr_rowid /CaptureFromRowId action should be defined for capture locations only.
    • The ColumnProperties /Name=hvr_rowid /SurrogateKey action should be defined for both capture and integrate locations.

    Please note you will get this  error on Initialize if you have added the tables to the channel with Table Explore BEFORE adding these parameters. The ColumnProperties settings should be added first and then go into Table Explore.  The HANA requirements page outlines this requirement.



    Since HANA logs do not support supplemental logging like they do for other databases we have a described a workaround for HANA  in our current release and look to the future for an enhancement of HVR that eliminates this process. See our additional documentation links below for examples.


    Additional References:

    Pre-requisites for HANA are found at:

    An example of Actions/Parameters in a channel can be found at:



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