What does this integrate error mean: F JD223A?

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    Sometimes an HVR integration job can fail with error F_JD223A. Example:

       F_JD223A: Unsupported datatype 8 (oracle number) encountered for column '

    This error is misleading. It does not mean that HVR cannot replicate the data type (e.g. Oracle number). Instead, it typically means that the source database contained a column which does not exist in the target database.
    Consider a scenario where replicate from an Oracle source into a SQL Server target and the column giving the error is in the source and in the channel, but not in the target.

    What happens is that there is data for this column (in Oracle format) in the replication pipeline. HVR is trying to ‘coerce’ it into SQL Server data types. Therefore it does a “describe” on the SQL Server target table and maps all of the Oracle data types to the SQL Server data types, but it can only do that for the columns that are in the table. So this column remains in the stream as an Oracle number which “unsupported” by the SQL Server driver. This results in the error.
    Correcting the channel (e.g. marking the column as /Absent in SQL Server) or changing the table layout (adding the column) solves the problem. For more details see the steps to (“Adapt a Channel section 4.4 of the HVR User Manual).



    The following error: F_JD220C: Delete unexpectedly affected zero rows whereas one row was expected.

    Indicates that HVR was processing a delete operation which it could not find the row to delete on the target. You can turn on ‘resilience’ to have HVR skip over a missing row.  If you need additional help on this request, please consider opening a support ticket on the support portal.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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