Monitoring and Maintenance. If a process stops for some reason how can we alert this to ourselves?

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    HVR has a utility hvrmaint which can be used for two purposes:

    1. Maintenance: Run nightly (or weekly) to archive/purge old logfiles and bounce the hvrscheduler.
    2. Monitoring: Run e.g. every 15 minutes to check if the hvrscheduler is running and to scan the HVR log files for errors. It has options to send an email, Slack, or SNMP notifications if an error has occurred or a certain latency limit has been reached.

    These scripts are run on the hub machine and can be scheduled from the crontab or as a Windows scheduled task. The different purposes are configured using an option file which can be generated using the HVR Console Maintenance Tasks dialogs.

    See hvrmaint for more information.

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