Oracle RAC throws an error message for VIP and not the physical address on the machine when hvr agent is not running on it.

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    When capturing from Oracle RAC, HVR will typically connect with its own protocol to an HVR listener. This listener should be running on all the nodes simultaneously.

    The hub then connects to one of its remote locations by first interacting with the Oracle RAC ‘scan’ address.

    This scan address returns the Virtual IP address of the machine that it is trying to connect to.

    While connecting if hvrremotelistener is not running on one of the RAC nodes HVR will throw an error for the Virtual address and not the physical IP address.

    For example if the remotelistener is not running on machine with physical IP address and its virtual IP address is, HVR will throw error for Virtual IP address.

    The virtual address is shown by command ifconfig typically with prefix ens192:1

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