Problem Summary:  F_JD2245: Upgrade issue encountered while converting to Ingres ansidate column

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    While I was upgrading from 5.1.3 to 5.5.0/20 I encountered this issue. 

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    F_JD2245: Date ‘2019-06-02 08:07:37.000+00:00’ containing time information encountered while converting to Ingres ansidate column [CREATEDDATE] of table [payment__c]. Use action TableProperties /CoerceErrorPolicy=SILENT /CoerceErrorType=ROUNDING to silently ignore time part. 


    When we upgraded both the Hub and Target/Source machines from earlier version of HVR to HVR release 5.5.0/20, we did encounter an error with the datatype used in one of our channels where Salesforce is the source, and SQL Server is the Target. 

    We were able to correct by changing the data type on the target table as well as in the table definition in the HVR channel.  



    For this case the source/targets are both Sql*Server Whad originally suspected that they may have an action in their channel and HVR is trying to map it to Ingres ansidate datatype which isn’t a Sqlserver datatype. We have remedied this defect in HVR 5.5.0 releases with our enhanced our data type checking though some customer still encounter this issue when upgrading with earlier releases. We no longer allow a selection of a target data type that there is not a suitable datatype. 

    The action taken to correct this by the customer was to modify the data type to a suitable data type mapping for the target endpoint to ansidate column [CREATEDDATE] of table [payments__c] to ‘date or datetime’ datatype. 


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