Problem Summary:  How to determine the Oracle SCN from hvr_tx_seq in the HVR Transaction files

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    Problem Summary:  How to determine the Oracle SCN from hvr_tx_seq in the HVR Transaction files


    This article demonstrates how to determine the Oracle SCN from the hvr_tx_seq number using the command, hvrrouterview.


    The hvr_tx_seq can be found in the transaction files in the router directory $HVR_CONFIG/router/<hubname>/<channel name>/loc_<src location>/loc_<tgt location>/ <filename>.tx_<tgt location>

    The example below shows a  snippet of output from hvrrouterview repoting the contents of the transaction file


    • Determine the hvr tx seq number
    • Convert the hex value to decimal


    Step 1) Determine the hvr_tx_seq using hvrrouterview

    $hvrrouterview x x <filename>.tx_<tgt_location>


    <row><column name=”hvr_tx_seq“>000001A06A910001</column>

    <column name=”hvr_tx_countdown“>1</column>

    <column name=”hvr_op“>1</column>

    <column name=”hvr_cap_loc“>orcln</column>

    <column name=”hvr_cap_tstamp“>2019-08-28 20:25:48</column>

    <column name=”hvr_cap_user“>TPCC</column>

    <column name=”c1“>36</column>

    <column name=”c2“>PK26</column>

    <column name=”c3“>2019-08-28 12:25:46.000000</column></row>


    In the above snippet 000001A06A910001 is the hvr_tx_seq number.

    In some cases this sequence number is displayed in the error message. Like below

    F_JT147B: The previous error occurred during integration from burst table test1__b into base table testdb.test1 where hvr_op=1 and hvr_colval_mask=’vvvvvvjvvvv’ and hvr_cap_tstamp>=’2019-08-28T12:25:48-07:00′ hvr_cap_tstamp<=’2019-08-28T12:32:31-07:00′ and hvr_tx_seq>=’000001A06A910001‘ and hvr_tx_seq<=’000001A071010001‘ and hvr_cap_loc=’orcln’ (3 rows).


    Step 2] Use hexadecimal calculator to divide sequence number by 10000

    Step 3] Convert the result to decimal

    i.e. hex value 1A06A91 is equivalent to 27290257 in decimal.

    You can use this value to get the oracle archive log file which contains the record which is failing/ has issues with like below

    select first_change#, next_change#, name from V$ARCHIVED_LOG where 27290257 between first_change# and next_change#;

    This shows the path of the archive log which contains erroneous record in oracle database

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