Problem Summary: How to resolve error F_JT0424 for .profile file

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    Problem Summary:  How to resolve error F_JT0424 for .profile file


    This error usually can be encountered when the HVR version on HUB machine is downgraded from 5.5.0/1 to 5.3.1/24 or any below this version. The reason this error is thrown is because the contents of the .profile file are different in version 5.3.1/24 and in 5.5.0/1.

    Below is a sample error

    F_JT0424: The decoded contents of file ‘C:/hvr/hvr_config/router/hvrhub4/chn2/catalog/orcl.profile’ is (orcl “AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8MSWIN1252” “5500010” “” “1121” vanilla oracle LE P974244 “C:hvrhvr_home” “C:hvrhvr_config”) which does not match the prototype expected ‘loc<str> nl<str> vers<str> tz<str> [dbms_vers<str>] [dbms_flav<str>] [loc_class<str>] [endian<str>]’. Too many arguments.

    F_JR0303: The previous error occurred while fetching location from the HVR catalogs.


    We can resolve this issue by following below steps

    1. Delete the mentioned profile file from the location $HVR_CONFIGrouter\<hub name>\<channel name>\catalog\<src_loc_name>.profile
    2. Reload the hub in the GUI by right clicking on the hub and selecting Reload hub.
    3. Initialize the channel for source location with option ‘Scripts and Jobs’. The profile file compatible to this HVR version will be created
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