How to use Scheduling parameters for Compare

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    How to use Scheduling parameters for Compare



    The Scheduling action controls when compare jobs will be executed by hvrscheduler. The /CompareStartTimes parameter instructs that the compare is run at a certain time defined by user. By default, these jobs must be triggered manually using command hvrrefresh.


    Customers want to do a onetime compare once every day.

    The following are steps to configure the /CompareStartTime parameter values:
    1) Define an action on the channel
    • Right click on the channel and select Scheduling under New Action

    • Clicking on the Scheduling action will show up an action box for Scheduling which is like below:


    2) Set up the action /CompareStartTimes on the * group
    • Check box the parameter /CompareStartTimes which will enable the browse button


    • Clicking on the browse button will open up a dialog box StartTimes

    3) In this step you have a choice to select the time intervals when you want refresh job to run. The highlighted Minutes, Hour, Day of Month, Month, Day tells when the job is scheduled to run. The blue slots tell what is selected
    • Here is a simple example which shows that the job is scheduled to run once every day.

    4) Click on Ok to set the action. This action will appear in the action pane


    5) Use HVR Compare to create a job in Scheduler tree.
    • Right click on channel name and click HVR Compare.

    • Select the source and target location in this window. Check the box to Schedule the Compare Jobs.


    • Click on the Schedule button which will give confirmation of the creation of a job


    • A compare job is created and is shown in the scheduler tree as another job


    6) When the compare job is started it will run at its scheduled time. You can see the output file which is generated in the compare file (<channelName>-cmp-<src_location>-<target_location>) in path C:hvrhvr_configlog<hubname>. This log file keeps growing when compare is run.


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