How to use Scheduling parameters for Refresh

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    How to use Scheduling parameters for Refresh



    The Scheduling action controls how the replication jobs generated by hvrinit and hvrrefresh will be run by hvrscheduler. /RefreshStartTime suggests that the refresh is run at a certain time defined by the user. By default, these jobs must be triggered manually using the hvrrefresh command utility.

    Sample Use cases

    • Customers want to move data between systems that have no log-based capture mechanism, and data does not have to be in real-time.
    • Customers want to do a onetime load once every day.



    The following are steps for to Configure /RefreshStartTimes:


    1)            Define an action on the channel

    • Right click on the channel and select Scheduling under New Action

    • Clicking on the Scheduling action will show up an action box for Scheduling which is like below


    2)            Set up the action /RefreshStartTimes on the * group

    • Check box the parameter /RefreshStartTimes which will enable the browse button

    • Clicking on the browse button will open up a dialog box StartTimes


    3)            In this step you have a choice to select the time intervals when you want refresh job to run. The highlighted Minutes, Hour, Day of  Month, Month, Day tells when the job is scheduled to run. The grayed-out slots tell what is selected. Here is a simple example which shows that the job is scheduled to run once every day.


    4)            Click on OK to set the action. This action will appear in the action pane.

    5)            Perform initialize for this action to take effect.

    6)            Perform HvrRefresh to schedule this job and see this job in the scheduler tree.

    • Right click on the channel name and select HVR Refresh which will open the screen listed below.

    • To schedule the refresh job checkbox for schedule Refresh job and input the desired Task name. By default, it Is ‘refr’.

    • Click on Schedule button to create the refresh job.

    • A refresh job has been created in Scheduler tree. By default, this will be shown as a suspended job in the beginning. You will have to manually start this job after which it will run at the user-defined times.

    7)            When the job is started manually, this will only run at the scheduled times and will be represented in PENDING state at other times.


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