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    Simon Faas

    Environment variable HVR_THROW_WARN can be used to convert certain (but not all) errors into warnings.

    You can configure it using an Environment action; Example:

    Environment /Name=HVR_THROW_WARN /Value=”*JT0450*”

    If there are multiple (e.g. when you already have such an action for a different error) it is important to combine them into a single action (otherwise only 1 will be picked up). This can be done using a ‘|’ symbol.

    Environment /Name=HVR_THROW_WARN /Value-“*JT0450*|*JT0451*”

    Olaf Draper

    Reminder: when you add the action within the HVRGUI , do not use double quote’s (“).
    Example /NAME=HVR_THROW_WARN /VALUE=*JT0450*

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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