What are these "*.cache" files in the router directory ?

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    Frank Knot

    Question: What are these files?

    Answer: These are dumps of the contents of the Hvr catalogs, created by Hvr Load so that capture and integ jobs can inspect actions without having to make an expensive connection to the hvr hub database.

    Question: Where are they?

    Answer: Hvr Load creates these in $HVR_CONFIG/router///catalog

    Question: How their contents be inspected?

    Answer: To see the contents of these files, use this command;

    $ hvrrouterview hub chn 53ba7f7e_6a5a4.cache > cache.xml

    Question: Why are there sometimes multiple files?

    Answer: Hvr Load does not want to delete an old file and create a new one because it’s worried that a running job may be reading that file.

    Instead it creates a new file with a bigger timestamp in its basename (“53db3914” means “Aug 1 2014” in hex), leaves the file that was ‘current’ and deletes other cache files.

    At the start of each cycle the running jobs should check if a new cache file has been created and then reload it.

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