Why does HVR’s log based capture need SQLServer’s Replication Components?

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    Frank Knot

    In the requirements for Microsoft SQL Server, it is mentioned SQL Server Replication Components need to be installed. Why?

    For the currently used methods for HVR (>v4.7) to read the SQL server log (“SQL” and “Direct”), SQL Server Replication Components are only required for supplemental logging management, not for the change capture itself.

    SQL Server replication components are only required when using SQL Server Enterprise Edition (Standard Edition does not support nor require them).

    In case of SQL Server Enterprise Edition, Replication Components should not be required when only using CDC tables to enable supplemental logging. To use this feature simply define Capture action with /SupplementalLogging option set to CDC_TAB.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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