Google Cloud Platform Data Integration

Demo: SQL Server to Google BigQuery

TUESDAY  |  FEBRUARY 23  |  12:00 pm PT  |  3:00 pm ET

Demo: SQL Server to Google BigQuery

Are you considering GCP as your modern cloud provider? We see why—

Top organizations around the world are benefitting from the performance, scalability, and rich functionality of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Whether you’re looking to execute a hybrid or multi-cloud approach, HVR can seamlessly replicate high volumes of data in real-time from various sources for secure, fast, and continuous data delivery onto GCP.

During this live demo, you’ll learn:

  • How to continuously integrate high volumes of data from a variety of sources to GCP
  • Why log-based CDC over bulk extractions is the fastest, most efficient way to move data with minimal impact on the source system
  • How HVR’s flexible distributed architecture improves security, performance, and manageability in heterogeneous environments

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