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HVR has proven its stability and robustness.
– Post NL, Cloud Solution Architect


See Our Log-Based CDC Replication Solution in Action

Built for Cloud. Learn how our distributed architecture can create efficiencies in your complex and hybrid environments.
Security. See how HVR uniquely delivers data securely from your on-premise environment.
Platform Support. Learn how to replicate from a variety of sources to multiple end-points with a simple set-up.
Key Features: See how change data capture, data validation and repair, and reporting all in one tool simplify data integration management.
Tour of the UI: See our software in action, including data validation and repair, and Insights, our visual statistics feature.

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Broad platform support

With HVR, you can move your data between the most commonly used relational databases, file systems, data-warehouses, data lakes, cloud systems, and more. Visit the source and target platform support page to see if your technologies are supported.

If you don’t see your technology listed, please contact us to learn more about our API agent plug-in.

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